Frequently Asked Questions HRC™ System (FAQ)

Why is the HRC™ System so complete and affordable?
The HRC™ System has been developed for the small and medium sized hospitality provider mainly within the European Union.
The user-friendly reservation system has been developed for Windows applications so that it may be used immediately and without training by a large group of users.
That is the reason we can offer a quality system against a low license price.

How complete is the HRC™ System?
The HRC™ System is extremely complete and comes with all the available modules.
Hereby the user is never taken by surprise financially.

What is the HRC™ System?
The HRC™ is an affordable easy to use and professional reservation system that runs on a PC (starting from Windows 98).
The reservation package has several modules making all activities possible like: making reservations, checking in, checking out, entering articles and making invoices.
An orderly planning board is present so one can see at a glance what is or has been reserved.

For whom has the HRC™ System been developed?
For the small and medium sized hospitality establishment with 1 to 500+ objects. Anywhere from a bed & breakfast to an hotel, motel, marina etc.

For all the above mentioned businesses?
Yes, the HRC™ System is the first reservation system with auto-update that is suitable for this.

What is auto-update?
A built-in system which allows the latest software to be downloaded and after installation may be used immediately. The downloading and installation is almost fully automatic.

Is there a maximum amount of objects that can be processed by the reservation system?
Yes, (up to a certain point) the system is suitable for 1 to 500+ objects.
Above 100 objects a separate quotation is calculated.

Is there a catch?
No! HRC DIGITAL charges the user a yearly license fee for the use of its reservation program.

My hospitality establishment is mentioned in a tourism guide.
Can I be found with this code?

Yes, you have the possibility within our reservation system to state in which travel brochures you are mentioned.
Via our web-site we can locate your hospitality establishment.
This way you will save commission costs.

Is HRC DIGITAL an independent company?
Yes, we are!!

Must one pay for a memberschip?
No, you only pay a yearly subscription fee for the use of our system.