Who for?
Who for?
On the Windows PC
On the Windows PC
Internet possibilities
Internet possibilities

HRC™ System --> who for?

The HRC System is Suitable for these objects...

  • hotels
  • bungalows
  • appartments
  • leasing companies
  • youth hostel
  • lodgings
  • camping sites
  • minicamping sites
  • chalets
  • caravans
  • log cabins
  • marina's
  • boat rental (half or full day)
  • daily and partial day rentals
  • conference room per part of the day
with POS Promodule also suitable for...
  • restaurants
  • café's
  • sale kiosk articles
with hours Promodule also suitable for...
  • rental per minute or multible minutes
  • rental of conference rooms per hour or parts thereof
  • boat rental per hour or parts thereof
  • available from the end of 2004 - start 2005